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  • Adventure Morning Trip – Quad Safari

    Adventure Morning Trip - Quad Safari
  • Transfer
  • Soft drinks
  • Tea
  • Shisha
40.00 /for 1 person

Adventure Morning Trip – Quad Safari

We will pick you up at your hotel, and drive to our motor park. Here we train you in Quad driving and you’ll receive all the information necessary for this excursion. After that we drive into the fascinating desert through the Dry Canyon (40 km round trip).

During the tour we will have three stops:

  1. Bedouin camp: here you will be served a hospitality drink and shisha by the Bedouins.
  2. Wadi Billy (Dry Canyon): this canyon was covered by Red Sea water millions of years ago. We will enjoy the beautiful view of the canyon and see the fossils of corals and shells.
  3. Top of Wadi Billy: here we are almost 150 m above sea level and have a very nice view into the canyon

After that we’ll have a fun ride with the quad bike through the desert back to the Alex motor park.

Please observe:

  • Wear appropriate clothes and shoes
  • Bring sun glasses

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